April 18, 2012 was a rough and vengeful day for me.



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I hate to make fun of this movie because BLACK PEOPLE. Also SLAVERY. And the 13TH AMENDMENT. That said, I know everyone told you how great a movie it was but did they mention that one-hundred and nineteen votes AND A FOUR-YEAR WAR happen in what feels like real time? It is a very long movie and covers a lot of ground. It also answers the age-old question of “According to Tony Kushner, Daniel Day Lewis and Steven Spielberg, was Abraham Lincoln your old, nerd dad?” with a resounding YES. Great president, patient man but boy did he love an allegorical story.


ACADEMY AWARD® Best Picture Nominee Lincoln, starring:
The kid from Witness
The managing editor from the fifth season of The Wire
The lieutenant from Law & Order
Seth from Deadwood
Stef from Pretty in Pink
The guy that blackmailed Jennifer Aniston for sex in The Good Girl
The guy from that short-lived show about  bringing dead people back to life
The nurse with HIV from ER
Dr. Moriarity from Sherlock Holmes
The sheriff from My Cousin Vinny
The president from the season of 24 where his Secret Service guy was a ginger named Aaron







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